Rydables FUNdraising

A NEW fundraising opportunity that families really get excited about and it’s one that makes reaching your annual fundraising goals FUN and EASY.
Adorable stuffed animal on the outside. Super safe mobility-style electric cart on the inside. And contagiously fun all around. Rydables are fierce little money makers helping schools to prosper through the power of fun. It’s always the perfect addition to any school’s event, fair or fundraiser. Perfect for the entire family.
Call now to begin and see just how easy it is to implement Rydables FUNdraising at your school or organization and put the FUN, ENERGY and POWER of Rydables to work for you!



Who are we?

Rydables is in the business of delivering a fun, memorable, interactive experience for all sorts of events, fundraisers, and business opportunities. Our patented one-of-kind carts are game changers. whether you’re interested in renting Rydables for an event or collaborating in a business venture, we bring value, excitement and a whole lot of FUN to any setting!

Take us for a spin.

Curious about potential profits and interactive fun of Rydables? Contact us. We look forward to helping you with any upcoming needs, and answering all your questions about our exciting one-of-a-kind product.
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2125 E 5th St, #110, Tempe, AZ 85281


What is Rydables

Rydables are an electric, battery-powered multi-terrain capable rideable cart designed for both indoor and outdoor mobile entertainment uses and are enjoyed by riders of all ages and sizes, both adults and children. The custom- designed steel frame can be covered (“skinned”) in an ever-growing number of choices ranging from animals (more than 30 designs to choose from and growing) to motorcycles and more.
The significant focus placed on creating a safe and reliable cart has produced an exciting product that appeals to a large and diverse market that includes all demographics of the population.


  • Easy & Safe for Riders of ALL Ages
  • Adjustable Speed up to 8 mph *
  • Multi-Terrain Capable
  • Up to 350 lb. Weight Limits *
  • Skins are Washable & Interchangeable
  • Non Marking 8” to 10” Wheels *
  • 2 Sizes to Choose From
  • 2 Wheel Drive with Auto Braking
  • Made in the USA

* Depending on model.

A Fleet of Rydables Making Money For Your School

Introducing a NEW, Year-round Passive Fundraising Program!

Implement this powerful, FUN and EASY NEW fundraising program that requires little to no effort on the school’s or teacher’s part! Simply email, post or send reminders home every month.

For every birthday or event, every school family will receive 25% off AND the school where that family’s child attends will receive a check for a full 33% of the discounted price of any/every event and party where Rydables are used by any school student and family… all year long!

Basic Party Pkg. = $225 after 25% discount. Your School Receives 33% per/event.

Your School can earn thousands annually and is only limited by how much the program is embraced.

Call today, and start putting the excitement and fun of Rydables into action today! 833.793.2253