Because resorts and theme parks are often such large properties, one of the many benefits of using Rydables is that it allows customers to spend more time at your location and make it easier to cover more ground. This improves your guest’s experience by helping them have a more enjoyable experience, see more things which all add up to increasing the likelihood that they also spend more money, all thanks to having a great Rydables adventure!

Rydables can be rented for a day, a weekend stay or even a week-long stay, and used as the family’s way of getting around the resort and/or the theme park. This creates a winning combination of entertainment, comfort, and convenience. Building memories, having fun and spending time together as a family!

Riding a Rydables naturally encourages customers and guests to post engaging and highly visual content on social media which increases your visibility and exposure!

  1. The customer is creating memories and engaging in social media posts.
  2. The theme park and/or resort gets recognition and notoriety.
  3. Others learn about the winning combination of having Rydables at the location, and be more inclined to also want to go to that theme park or resort and have the same unique, interactive experiential fun, specifically because Rydables are there.

Rydables, being an ADA compliant mobility type scooter, have built inherent within them that safety, stability and ease of use factor. The speed can be governed to a top speed of up to eight miles an hour, which is fast enough, but not too fast. And, it can also be governed down and set at a lower speed as well for different applications or the needs of different riders. Having 2 sizes of Rydables to choose from also adds to the ability to target the largest audience possible and provide entertainment for more people!

Additionally Rydables can be themed or “skinned” to match the look and feel of your property and help immerse your guests in a magical and memorable experience.