What & Why

Made in the U.S.A

Up to 400lbs

Indoor / Outdoor

All ages. All sizes

All day battery life

RYDABLES™ are an electric, battery-powered cart designed for both indoor and outdoor mobile entertainment uses and are enjoyed by riders of all ages and sizes, both adults and children. The custom-designed steel frame can be covered (“skinned”) in an ever-growing number of choices ranging from animals (currently about 30 different choices) to motorcycles and more. The significant focus placed on creating a safe and reliable cart has produced an exciting product that appeals to a large and diverse market that includes all demographics of the population.

The demand in the market for mobile/event entertainment is significant and growing. In the greater Phoenix valley alone, the industry of affordable, family-oriented and readily-available amusement/entertainment products used in a variety of mobile event venues and for rentals generates $10’s of millions in annual sales.

Who and How

For Consumers

Make Rydables a constant part of fun. Choose from any of our consumer options to make Rydables a part of the family, team, or business!

For Businesses

Mobile entertainment turn-key business set ups! Maybe you’re an existing business and want to add a fun, incredible asset, or you want to start a new business, or you prefer a partnership lease option. We have you covered!

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