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Are Rydables safe?

First and foremost, RYDABLES are SAFE!! In fact, they classify as an ADA-compliant mobility scooter. (Fun Fact: And as such, they pass all TSA inspections and are protected under Federal regulations. They even fly on airline flights for free!)

Safety features:

All carts feature electromagnetic braking that automatically engages when the throttle is released (squeeze to go, let go to stop…simple).

All carts have an anti-roll, hill-lock feature to prevent unwanted rolling when stopped on an incline or decline.

All carts are 2-wheel drive with suspension incorporated at all 4 wheels.

Their top speed can be both manually and/or electronically governed, based on the rider and/or the venue.

Rydables incorporates GPS tracking and includes geofencing capabilities allowing us to track and predetermine where they can and can’t travel.

Are there age limitations?

They’re simple enough to operate that we have riders as young as 3 years old that can handle Rydables on their own. (It’s an “ability thing” as opposed to an “age thing”!) Age requirements are set by the venue and may vary. 

Are they just for kids?

No, Rydables are not just for kids. Rydables are a very unique product in that they truly have universal appeal. While they are great for kids, more than half of our customers are over 18! We do a lot of events that are for adults 21 and older, such as beer and wine festivals, Oktoberfests, Seniors Gone Wild nights at 55+ communities, etc…They’re a big hit for all ages and the kid in all of us. 

What's the weight limit?

They hold up to 325 and 350 lbs, depending on which of the 2 models are used.

How fast do they go?

They can travel up to 4.25 mph or 7.5 mph (depending on which model) which is pretty fast when you’re riding a rhinoceros down the sidewalk! Their top speeds can be both manually and/or electronically governed, based on the needs of the rider and/or the venue.

On which terrain/s can they operate?

Rydables are multi-terrain capable and are specifically designed for outdoor use. As long as the area they’re operating in isn’t too thick/deep, Rydables can be used on grass, gravel, dirt, hills, etc… (They’re not “all-terrain” but they are definitely “multi-terrain”!). Rydables can easily and safely operate indoors, as well.

Will they leave black streaks everywhere?

No. All Rydables use non-marking, rubber, multi-terrain tires.

How do you clean the skins when they get dirty?

Rydables skins are all removable, machine washable, and interchangeable. 

Can Rydables Create Custom-Designed Skins?

Yes, we create custom-designed skins upon request, right here in the USA. All design. manufacturing and assembly are done in Tempe and Phoenix, AZ.

How Do Rydables Operate?

Rydables incorporates IoT technology and operates with our integrated Rydables app. Simply download the app, create your user account, scan the QR code and go! Payments are processed through the app.