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Boy, talk about a perfect match…Rydables at a zoo…at YOUR zoo!!

Rydables are a powerful revenue generating product for zoos, wildlife parks, and aquariums. Using our safe, “green” (electric, battery-powered) carts will bring more people to your location, helps them to stay at your property longer, have an even more enjoyable and memorable experience, encourage them to share their experience with others (posting pictures and videos online), and, will also help them to come back more often!  Plus, as they share their experience on social media, others that see it will also want to come and also have a great time!

That presents its own set of “challenges”…keeping Rydables in stock and available!

Rydables make it easy for guests to cover more ground, see different parts of the property that they maybe don’t usually see – and, all the while, having a great time together and making a deeper connection with your facility.

Our focus is on helping to support you in your quest to ensure that guests are as happy as possible, helping them want to stay at the zoo/park longer, come back more often, share their experience with others, which all translates into increased revenue streams but even more importantly, a robust and growing base of supporters and animal lovers – that’s the definition of a true win-win-win formula!

Since Rydables have adjustable speeds, can hold up to 350lbs, are 2-wheel drive and incorporate automatic braking (simply let go of the throttle and the brakes automatically engage), virtually anyone can ride! Tired kids, grandparents, physically challenged, an expecting mom, entire families all being able to do something fun together are just a few examples of who can enjoy the fun and convenience of a Rydables experience. As the community of happy guests continues to grow, so will your bank account!

We have programs that allow you to get started with Rydables for little, to no, upfront money needed.  You can incorporate Rydables right away and watch the magic begin to happen in “Hour One” of “Day One”!