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Rules of the Road


  1. There are ONLY 4 (FOUR) Approved Riding Arrangements EVER allowed on a RYDABLE.

They are:

1) 1 (ONE) Adult (age 18 yrs. or older)**
2) 1 (ONE) Teen (age 12 to 17)**
3) 1 (ONE) Adult & 1 (ONE) small Child (seated in front and age 1 to 11 yrs. old)**
4) 1 (ONE) Adult & 2 small Children (both seated in front and each being 1 to 11 yrs. old)****

Total combined weight never to exceed 350 lbs.

There are NO exceptions. There are NO other approved riding arrangements. If you don’t exactly match one of those 4 Approved Riding Arrangements, your ride will be immediately terminated without refund, in part or in whole.

Please see “here” for additional information.



  1. Always pay attention and be alert while driving your Rydable(s). Please do not bump into other Rydables or people or things!  (Rydables are not “bumper cars”.)


  1. Always enjoy your Rydable by staying seated while driving. Make sure not to stand up on, or horseplay, while on the Rydables.


  1. Please stay on the designated paths only while traveling.


  1. Obey all signs and instructions.


  1. You are responsible to return your Rydable(s) in the same condition that you received them in (including the skin and the cart itself).


  1. If you keep your Rydable(s) beyond your rental period, you’ll just need to pay the difference upon their return.


  1. By renting your Rydable(s), you accept responsibility for your actions (and those in your party).



And, most importantly, ENJOY your experience, create memories, be respectful, feel free to share your experience with your family and friends and we look forward to your next visit soon!