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There’s a new #1 in Town for “(Really) Fun Things to Do in Scottsdale!”

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Not only are our Guided Tours “The Best” but in addition to that, you get to be a “Rock Star for an hour” as you embark on the most memorable ‘party on wheels’ ever!

Our tours are perfect for families, seniors, and, well….EVERYONE, because Rydables are extremely safe, super simple to operate, comfortable & relaxing – you’re on 4 wheels, not 2 AND, it’s like you’re sitting on your couch at home…instead of standing up, wearing a helmet and trying not to crash for the 90 minutes.

So, for everyone who can’t, won’t, doesn’t want to ride a Segway – AND, for everyone who can – a Rydables Guided Tour is everything “those other tours” are…and, OH, SO MUCH MORE!!

Simply pick the day, time slot and preferred tour and then count down the minutes till you’re riding off into the sunset on “Siggy”, your trusty Saguaro, sharing pics and videos all along the way and having more fun than a body should be allowed to have…on a Guided Tour of the Wild West that IS Old Town Scottsdale!

Saddle up, pardner, and get ready for an interactive experience like NO other!