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    1. What is a RYDABLE?
      1. A RYDABLE is an electric scooter-type vehicle that provides a fun, convenient form of transportation (and entertainment) when you need it and produces SMILES instead of emissions!
      2. A RYDABLE is perfect for EVERYONE (Families, Couples, Friends, Young & Old Alike, Many in the Special Needs Community, Team Building Groups, etc…)!


    1. How do I Create a RYDABLES User Account/Profile?
      1. Go to your app store and search “RYDABLES”
      2. Tap “Download”
      3. Create your RYDABLES User Account


    1. How do I find a RYDABLE near me?
      1. Open the app and click “Map”
      2. Locate the nearest, available, sufficiently charged Rydable.


    1. How do I unlock a RYDABLE?
      1. Once you have a RYDABLE in front of you, open the app and tap “Scan QR Code.”
      2. Using the camera on your smart device, scan the QR Code and tap “Unlock.”
      3. Then, Ride. Smile. Repeat.


    1. Where can I ride a RYDABLE?
      1. You can ride a Rydable on the sidewalk since they are classified as an ADA-compliant mobility scooter.  You can also use bike lanes when available (if not, ride along the right curb of the road or sidewalks, if permitted by local law).
      2. Be considerate to pedestrians when riding a RYDABLE, give them the right of way.
      3. Be cautious and courteous when riding a RYDABLE into crowded areas; slow down until it is safe.
      4. Follow all laws, rules and ordinances where you are riding.


    1. Where can I park a RYDABLES?
      1. A RYDABLE should always be parked with ALL four (4) wheels safely on the ground.
      2. A RYDABLE should always (and ONLY) be parked out of the way of the flow of foot traffic.
      3. A RYDABLES should never be parked in an alley, public park, plaza, or on narrow, small sidewalks.
      4. A RYDABLES should never block any ADA accommodations, fire hydrants, or building entrances, exits, ramps or stairs/stairways.


  1. How much does it cost to ride?
      1. The cost to ride a RYDABLE varies by the venue/location but usually includes a small fee to start and then a minute-by-minute rate and allows you to arrive at your desired destination faster and costing a fraction of a taxi, rideshare, etc… while also having way more fun than walking or other transportation options.


    1. How do I pay for my ride?
      1. Before you can ride a RYDABLE, you will create your Account/User Profile in the RYDABLES app. During that process, you will be directed to enter your credit (or debit) card information. When your ride has ended, the amount you owe will be deducted from your card/bank account.
      2. Reminder: Your ride only ends and your card only stops being charged when your Rydable is returned to a preapproved and designated “RYDABLES Drop-Off (and Pick-up) Location!”  You will continue being charged until that time.


    1. How do I end my ride?
      1. Once you arrive at a preapproved, designated Pick-up and/or Drop-off location, open the RYDABLES app and click “End Ride.” Please note, you must be standing next to the RYDABLE for your ride to end. This will mark the location of the scooter and complete the transaction. Always verify that your ride has ended.  You will be given a chance to Rate your ride and RYDABLES experience once it has ended and see a summary of your rental transaction.  After that, you will be taken back to the “Map” once your ride has been properly completed. Until a ride has been ended correctly you are responsible for all charges.


  1. How far can I ride the RYDABLES scooters?
    1. The allowed perimeter for your RYDABLES scooters will be illustrated on the map associated with your location/venue.


  1. What if I encounter a problem during my RYDABLES rental?
  2. Please call the number associated with your location/venue first. They are the ones who are closest by and best suited to help you with any questions or needs that come up.
  3. You may email for any other questions or needs you may have.
  4. You may call 1.833.RYDABLES


What are the rules for riding a RYDABLE?

  • You must be 18 years or older to create a User Profile/RYDABLES account in the RYDABLES app and to then rent a RYDABLE.
  • You must have a valid driver’s license to rent a RYDABLE.
  • You must follow all traffic rules including street signs, signals, and markings as well as all local laws and ordinances.
  • You must comply with one of the ONLY 4 (four) approved riding arrangements or your rental will be IMMEDIATELY terminated and you will NOT be issued any sort of refund or credit.  Those riding arrangements consist of the following:


  1. One Adult (18 yrs. or older) riding ALONE on a RYDABLE
  2. One Teen (12 to 17 yrs. old) riding ALONE on a RYDABLE
  3. One Adult and One Child (1 to 11 yrs. old) riding on a RYDABLE with the younger rider riding in front of the older, Adult driver.
  4. One Adult and Two Children (each being 1 to 11 yrs. old) riding on a RYDABLE with both of the younger riders riding in front of the older, Adult driver.

*None of the above approved riding arrangements may exceed a combined total weight of 350 lbs.


There is NO other approved riding arrangement.  If you do not meet one of the 4 described approved riding arrangements, you are out of compliance and may not ride!

  • No stunt or trick riding.  No reckless riding.  ABSOLUTELY NO bumping into other RYDABLES, people or things.  Watch out for stairs, stairways, curbs, etc…
  • Do not text or call while driving your RYDABLE.  Stop, then text or call, then continue driving when you are done.


How do I work for RYDABLES?

  • Send a resume to and we will get back to you as we have availability.


  • Please visit our safety page here for more information.

“I’m seeing, what appears to be, an ‘extra’ (or additional charge) in my bank account after renting a Rydable. Have I been overcharged or do I need a credit or refund?”

At some venues, they have requested that we implement a “pre-authorization” (or, “verification of available funds”) feature in our Rydables app as part of the checkout process when renting a Rydable.

This is just a temporary hold on funds that confirms there is a minimum amount of dollars in the selected account/method of payment for the rental.

Once the actual rental transaction has been processed and cleared your account, your bank/financial institution will drop (or release) that temporary hold, and those funds will be available again to use.

It doesn’t actually charge (or debit) your account/method of payment removing those funds but rather places a hold or verification that those funds are there and available.

This usually takes place within 24 hours but is dependent upon your bank/financial institution and can occasionally take 24 to 72 hours if it’s over a holiday or weekend.

Please feel free to contact us if there are additional questions or concerns or anything we can do to further assist you following your Rydables experience.

Thank you for your business and, as always, we hope your rental was memorable and a lot of fun! We look forward to seeing you again next time.

Remember to Ride. Smile. Repeat.