First time ever: Direct sales to private owners!

“I want one!”

Yes, of course you do. For the family who has everything, Rydables is the one thing they’re missing. After all, who doesn’t want to ride an elephant, unicorn or their team mascot to:

  • Get the mail
  • Walk the dog
  • Take the kids to the bus stop
  • Ride through the neighborhood
  • Take a spin, just for the heck of it
  • Show your team spirit on big game days
  • Take it to Burning Man, man.

For years, we wouldn’t sell Rydables directly to the public. We’ve changed our minds, because it was wrong to keep all this fun for ourselves.

– Be the first in your neighborhood to own your own Rydable –

Flying Unicorn

Driving Dino

Go-Go Gorilla

Lapping Leopard

Speedy Sparky

Rent yours today!

Create your own Rydable!

1. Choose your skin!

from any of our 35 standard skin designs (in a variety of colors, prints and fabrics) or even design your own custom, unique skin and own a One-of-a-Kind Rydables! There’s a one-time design fee for creating a new, custom skin. Just call and ask!

2.Choose your ride!

There are 2 models of Rydables to choose from.  Pick the 4.25 mph or 8 mph model.


3.Call now and we’ll take the order!


Call us and get your Rydable today!


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